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**Newcomers (Get it? Do ya get it?)**
I’m not shy so I’ll get right to it! My husband and I were both virgins and largely inexperienced when we were married one month ago. On our honeymoon we were a bit surprised to discover he had trouble climaxing during sex. Our roles seem to be reversed from the norm! I have no issues (yay!), but it can take him 45 minutes to an hour, if at all. Neither of us have the physical stamina for this, though it makes for great exercise! But because most material out there is on how to greaten a man’s stamina rather than diminish, we weren’t having much luck with our own research.
So, we reached out to Liz who promptly provided a veritable cornucopia of advice and ideas for us to implement! It’s too soon to say if any of them will do the trick because his body has some sexpectations to unlearn, but we’ve got plenty of time to find out. Liz doesn’t beat around the bush, gets down to business, and seems dedicated to providing a trove of knowledge without holding back. We are super appreciative to her for her recommendations and will keep her in mind as a great resource for any future questions and education.
— Amy M.
**Hire Liz for Your Bachelorette Party!**
Liz did a revised version of the “Let’s Chat About the Pussy” workshop for my bachelorette party with about 15 girls present and plenty of rosé. It. Was. Amazing. I honestly can’t say enough good things about it. We all enjoyed it SO much and learned a ton about our bodies, self-esteem, pleasure, and societal constructs that keep women from feeling good! We did two fun activities and spent the rest of the night learning from Liz, asking questions, telling stories, and feeling more empowered and understood. I am so so glad I found Liz because my bachelorette was so much better than I would have ever thought. Liz is smart, understanding, validating, and really fun. If you’re looking for something different for your bachelorette, or just want to make your friends feel good, I HIGHLY recommend hiring her for such a fun night. THANKS LIZ YOU’RE THE BEST!
— Colleen R.
Bartique, a boutique bar in NODA, wants to take a moment to say thanks to LOVE LIZ and her “Let’s Chat About the Pussy” event. The event brought in over 30 women to our establishment and was a huge success! The events agenda covered all aspects of the women’s body and was so informative that all the attendees are excited for her next session. Love Liz’s event was educational, fun, encouraging and powerful. This event left me personally feeling [like I] wanted to know more about the women’s body and human sexuality. Liz’s approach and delivery was so comfortable it made all the women at the event more curious and raising their hands wanting to ask more and learn more. Thanks again Liz for such a wonderful event and providing an environment for women to embrace their bodies and sexuality.
— Bartique
During the 2015-16 school year our K-4th grade school made the decision to add a sexuality unit to the health curriculum. And because this topic can be quite controversial we wanted to carefully develop and implement it. We wanted to do it the “the right way”… From our first meeting we knew that [Liz] was just the right person for the job… Age-appropriate sexuality instruction is often neglected in our schools and is of greater importance now than it has ever been. Professional experts are essential advisors to schools as they work to better meet the needs of their families in this area. As of June 2017 we celebrated the completion of the first successful year of our new and improved health curriculum, one which includes a sexuality unit. We could not have done it without Liz, a professional expert.  She listened, gave of herself in terms of knowledge and time, lots of time, and was always very professional.  Our school family is very grateful for her assistance.
— M. Marek

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